Crypto 2.0 Music announcements, Ujo Music prototype and Peertracks Muse release

There has been two major announcements this week on the Crypto 2.0 Music business, the alpha release of Ujo Music and the long expected Peertracks Muse release.

Ujo Music prototype

On a live stream hosted by the Guardian Imogen Heap launched her new track on Ujo Music blockchain on the 2nd of October.

Ujo Music smart contracts, are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, and its current prototype you can purchase Imogen Heap track using Ether.

You can trial the prototype in Ujo's alpha website.

Ujo Music prototype

More info on Ujo Music website

Peertracks Muse release

Peertracks has announced an early release of Muse, Peertracks blockchain, on the 26th of October on the Bitshares forum.

Muse which is based on Graphene (the blockchain technology behind Bitshares) was expected to be released at least a month afterwards Bitshares 2.0 on the 13th of October.

As part of the announcement, there is an important note, the snapshot for all the NOTE tokens will be taken on the 13th of October, so if you hold any NOTE tokens please ensure that are held in your wallets.

Muse blockchain infographic

Peertracks full set of features are yet unknown, Cedric Cobban has hinted some in various posts and talks, but he has not fully disclosed anything to avoid unfair competition.

You can register your interest on Peertracks website

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