First Global Blockchain Summit to be held in China

A global blockchain summit will be held in China, where as described by the organiser Blockchain Labs, geeks, entrepreneurs, academic experts, investors, executives from financial institutions, and regulatory policy makers will join the summit and discuss the business applications and opportunities of blockchain technology in industry, such as Payment, Internet of Things, Securities Trading, Digital Assets Management.

It is expected to be 200 guest from the financial industry, including banking, payments, securities and commodities, as well as other industries such as IoT and manufacturing.

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Topics to be covered

  • Payment
  • Internet of Things
  • High Volume Blockchain Confirmation
  • Decentralized File Storage
  • Securities Trading/Clearing/Settlement
  • Decentralized DNS
  • Identity Verification
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Solutions to the Volatility of Crypto-currency

Speakers and guests

  • Yudong Yao,Director,Financial Research Institute of The People's Bank of China
  • Qian Yao,Vice Director,Credit Reference Center of The People's Bank of China
  • Xiaojun Yang, VP,Lufax
  • Lu Ji ,VP,Sinolink Sercurities
  • Shuo Bai,Chief Engineer,Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • Jing Chen,CEO,Zhongan Insurance
  • Qi Lan,CEO,All In Pay
  • Cen Zhao,VP,PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University
  • Junhong Zhu,President,Shanghai Ganglian E-Commerce
  • Jinhuang Zhou, VP,SHR Bank
  • Hao Li ,Strategic Director,SPD Bank
  • Zhong Chen,Director,FinTech Research Center of Beijing University
  • Zheng Huang, Founding President,IFC1000(InternetFinanceClub)
  • Yanqing Yang, Deputy Editor-in-Chief,
  • Yi Qin, Partner,Deloitte
  • Liang Bai,Editor-in-Chief,
  • Lei Yang,Partner,Northern Light Venture Capital
  • Related Official,China Minsheng Bank
  • Related Official,Industrial Bank

Blockchain guest and speakers

A great representation of various blockchain technologies will be in the summit, for example:

Source: Harvard Business Review China

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